AUDISTRY was conceived and constructed combining Clement’s deep Other-Worldly cinematic orchestral music and signature guitar sound, with the genre-mashing production aesthetic of music producer Audnoyz (Steve Thomas).  German music technology journalist, Joerg Sunderkoetter was first to frame the Audnoyz aesthetic ‘Kopf Kino’ (mind cinema) an aural sojourn for the inner eye. Like experiencing synesthesia, seeing the music, imbued by its multi-referential stylistic cinematic properties.


The twelve tracks that comprise AUDISTRY vary in breadth and depth, speaking to the collaborators cerebral sonic creativity and unique artistic vision.   Menacingly dense, this work envelops you in an aural journey, replete with unexpected genre juxtapositions, cinematic soundscapes, stirring orchestra, sublime vocals, and biting guitars.  Often in a cacophony of sound, something familiar emerges only to segue to a well-placed Zappa moment of discord.  Sometimes frenetically bombastic, sometimes contemplative, this music is always cinematic, evocative and exciting.CDBookletInsideTemplate




Taking several months, the bi-coastal collaboration occurred North of Los Angeles and in suburban Boston, its slicing, dicing, mixing and mangling reaching completion the last of December 2012.


AUDISTRY will be available digitally from leading electronic distribution retailers and sources including: CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, MySpace Music,, Rhapsody and eMusic, as well as Compact Disc from Amazon.